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Capture emails on your website

Why would you want to use email marketing? Let’s imagine, you have an online business and you already have a very nice website. Someone visits your website and really likes what you offer, but not ready to buy from you. It is harder to get to know you online than back in the old days …

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9 Things you need to do to work smoothly with a web designer

Planning a website can feel overwhelming, especially when you do it for the first time and don’t know what to except. Here is a brief list of all the things that might come up when you want to start a website. 1. Branding Branding is about who you want to be and who people perceive you …

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Get more Blog Traffic – simple way

I am going to list here the most important tactics that you must implement if you want to have more visitors on your blog and increase your traffic the right way. 1. Publish quality content regularly Content is still the king in online marketing and it is the best way to make sure people will …

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Moving a WordPress site to another hosting account

It sounds like a scary thing but it is not. You can be flexible with your hosting and choose a hosting that is best for your actual needs, so don’t be afraid of moving. The other thing is that hosting services is very similar to mobile service providers. They have so many discounts and other …

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My favourite plugins

This is my list of my favourite plugins, that will ensure good performance and security or other functions. It might change from project to project time to time, but in average these are the plugins I use most likely. Autoptimize Optimizes your website, concatenating the CSS and JavaScript code, and compressing it. Genesis eNews extended …

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How to start a blog?

Are you ready to start blogging?


How to use Pinterest for business

I love Pinterest for gathering ideas and inspirations for creative projects. I like it because it uses visual images to communicate ideas so I find it really effective to feel inspired. I use it to search for recipes to cook, ideas for my creative ventures like sewing and jewellery making and of course for building websites. This …

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Optimize your images for WordPress

The size of the image you upload to your website is very important. It is important because if the image is too big, it will slow down the website speed. And the website speed also effects Google, and how your website will come up in the search engine. I use Photoshop to optimize my images, but …

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Beaver builder page builder

Should you use a page builder for your WordPress project?

When I first started out building WordPress websites I was surprised how it is dependent on knowing some coding (HTML, CSS and PHP is a must for WordPress). I was happy to learn to code as I am an engineer type of person, but on the other hand I was curious what other methods out …

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